First Business Roundtable Sustainable Food from Peru


With the aim of promoting sustainable food trade between Peru and the Netherlands, I initiated and lead the organization of the first Business Roundtable in sustainable food on Friday the 27th of November 2015. I was able to do this in my position as Head of Trade Section at the Trade Commission of Perú. In the organization of the event, we had the support and collaboration of PromPeru, PLACIEX, Solidaridad Andes, the Chamber of Commerce in Lima, ADEX and the Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries in the Netherlands (CBI).


The event took place in Amsterdam with the participation of 12 Peruvian exporters and 20 Dutch companies of mostly sustainable products. The main traded products were natural ingredients such as maca powder, quinoa powder, camu camu powder, chia, amaranth, corn, tara and cocoa. Other products were coffee, spices, dried and fresh fruit.

After an intense morning of negotiations, a panel consisting of Dutch and Peruvian experts, such as Yvette Faber (Solidaridad Europe), Jose Cubero (Fairtrasa Netherlands), Gaston Vizcarra (Candela Peru) and Maria del Pilar Alarcón (PromPeru),  sustainability in the foodsectors of Peru and the Netherlands were discussed.

Among the Dutch importers were Fairtrasa Netherlands (winner of the Latin America Trade Award), Eosta, Nature’s Pride and Verstegen.

Given the rapid growth in demand for sustainable products in the Dutch market, the entrepreneurs attending the event qualified the Business Round as a great initiative. Also because of the need to facilitate the connection between Peruvian suppliers and Dutch importers. Furhtermore this initiative contributed to the image of Peru as a reliable supplier of such products.

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